Whether you are after glistening powder snow or firm spring snow - the Lötschental outdoor sports region is a paradise for ski-tourers. Ski-tourers will find many opportunities to discover a magnificent winter landscape at their own pace in the Lötschental. First the ascent, then the reward - a feeling of limitless freedom.

Suggested tours

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Guided Tours

Safely guided - by a certified mountain guide or ski instructor - ski tours are a special experience.


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The six rules

  1. Plan your tour carefully
  2. Ensure that you have a full set of appropriate equipment
  3. Never embark on a tour alo...

Respect nature!

On you find important informations to prepare your ski or snowshoe tour.

Before you st...

Safe on the Lauchernalp

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Shopping Tipp

The Jungfrau Region Ski-Touring Map 264S - This 1:50,000 scale topographical map includes the ski tours in the Lötschental Valley, which are described in more detail in the SAC Tour Guide.

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