Workshop by Healthy CBD Lötschental

In the majestic heights of the Lötschental, surrounded by clear mountain air and pure natural resources, the journey of Healthy CBD Lötschental began. A deep desire arose to produce 100% pure natural products to support people in their self-healing. 

We believe in the power of nature and are committed to making these treasures accessible. Together we are learning about the incredibly versatile active ingredients of the hemp plant and how differently they can be used. The collaboration with dòTERRA for essential oils enriches our products and our advice. 

We would be happy to take you or a group of you on an inspiring journey to the treasures of Mother Earth so that they can show us the way to holistic health support. 

Appointments are available daily by appointment, also at weekends by prior arrangement. 

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Cost: CHF 35.00 per person

Location: Ägärtastrasse 11, 3916 Ferden or Lötschberg Centre, Hauptstrasse 16, 3917 Kippel

Registration with Clementine Lehner on: +41 79 786 51 75 or