Stories, legends and myths

The remoteness of the Lötschental was the source of a multitude of stories, legends and myths. Wild figures chased through the Lötschental history and left their traces. They are regarded as the origin of Tschäggättä customs, which are still celebrated today with a love of detail. The masked carnival figures typical of the Lötschental, the so-called Tschäggättä, appear between the Catholic holiday "Maria Lichtmess" and "Gigiszischtag" (i.e. Tuesday before Ash Wednesday). Every evening (except Sundays), after work, these wild creatures roam the valley and frighten everyone who is still on the streets at that time.

Dates 2019

Tschäggättu run from Blatten to Ferden Thursday February 28, 8pm
Big Lötschental carnival procession in Wiler Saturday March 2, 3pm