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Wild camping is not permitted in the Lötschen Valley

Wild camping is generally prohibited throughout the canton of Valais because the risks in the area of natural hazards are relatively high. Another reason for the ban is the problem of waste and contam...

Call bus Fafleralp - Blatten

As of today, the bus is no longer running on schedule until further notice.
Waiting time: approx. 30 minutes
Minimum fare per trip: CHF 50.00
The bus can be ordered under the following telephone nu...

Authorisation for Wiler - Lauchernalp road only via app

New online system from summer 2023

Driving permits can now be purchased in the Parking Pay app (nationwide app).

From this summer, driving permits will only be registered online. (No more sticke...

Public mask carving in the Lötschen Valley

Create your own Lötschental mask. Doesn't that sound good? 

It's possible on 08.02.2023 / 15.02.2023 (booked out) / 18.02.2023 / 21.02.2023, 9am.

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