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Gebirgswald Circular Hike

A contemplative circular hike through the village of Kippel.
Kirche Kippel
Kirche KippelImage: Lötschental Marketing AG
Beinhaus, Kippel
Beinhaus, KippelImage: Lötschental Marketing AG
Pieta, Beinhaus Kippel
Pieta, Beinhaus KippelImage: Lötschental Tourismus
Bildstöckli Hubertus, Kippel
Bildstöckli Hubertus, KippelImage: Lötschental Marketing AG
Bildstöckli Chaschtläregga, Kippel
Bildstöckli Chaschtläregga, KippelImage: Lötschental Marketing AG
Kirche Kippel
Kirche KippelImage: Lötschental Marketing AG
Lötschentaler Museum, Kippel
Lötschentaler Museum, KippelImage: Lötschental Marketing AG
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The circular hike starts with a visit to the parish church of Kippel. The first House of God was built in the Lötschental in the 12th century and it has been extended several times since then. The present church was built in a baroque style between 1740 and 1742 and was dedicated to Saint Martin in 1742 by Bishop Blatter. The last renovation took place in 1977/1978. The anniversary of the church with a procession of the Grenadiers of God is held on the third Sunday in June or on the Sunday prior to Saint John's Day.
The route follows the steps down to reach the large square in the old part of the village, where the houses were predominantly built in the 16th and 17th century. The route descends to the River Lonza, where we cross the bridge and follow the signposts for the Gattunalp. Passing through the larch forest brings us to the shrine to Saint Hubert, situated right in the middle of the forest affording a wonderful view of Kippel. A statue of Saint Hubert with a stag, carrying a cross between its antlers, stands in the shrine. Saint Hubert is the patron saint of huntsmen.
The route continues to the highest point of the trail on the Gattunalp. There is a cross made of tree trunks at "Schaffärichu" (the gathering place of sheep). From here we return on the path and cross the "Chastlerra" Stream, following the signposts through the "Chastlerwald" Forest to "Bifig". From there, we continue on to the shrine on the "Chastlereggu", dedicated to the Holy Mother of God. This path then leads back to the church.

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