Pilgrim trails

Circular Hike along the Tenn Path of the Cross

A contemplative circular hike in Wiler along the Tenn Path of the Cross.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 4kmAscent 180mDescent 195m

Contemplation Trail

"The rushing of the river - unceasing, troubled. Immersing me into this flow. In the constant rushing, hear the message: we are all one." This is only one message out of the 10 stations situated along the Contemplation Trail from Blatten to Kühmatt. Take your time and enjoy the peace and tranquillity along the route to Kühmatt and be inspired by the messages to pause and reflect.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 2.5kmAscent 150mDescent 50m

Chapels along the Lötschental Panoramic Trail

The Lötschental Panoramic Trail from the Fafleralp to the Faldumalp is one of the classic routes in our hiking region, however, only very few people know that there are many chapels sited along this route.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 16.5kmAscent 841mDescent 660m

Mittelberg Trail

A contemplative route from Ferden to Blatten.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 7.8kmAscent 520mDescent 366m

Hublchapllu Circular Hike

A contemplative circular hike through the village of Ferden.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 2.8kmAscent 209mDescent 230m

Gebirgswald Circular Hike

A contemplative circular hike through the village of Kippel.
Difficulty MediumTrack length 9.7kmAscent 675mDescent 655m
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