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Kippel - Lauchernalp

Attention only open untill Hockenalp!!!

LauchernalpImage: Lötschental Marketing AG
Kippel-LauchernalpImage: Lötschental Tourismus
Kippel-LauchernalpImage: Lötschental Tourismus
HockenalpImage: Lötschental Tourismus
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Your hike to the Lauchernalp starts in Kippel. Walk through the upper village of Kippel, passing the "Riedhaltä" bird sanctuary, where native birds can often be observed, particularly in the spring. Then continue along the path through the cool forest before reaching the former mountain station of the Kippel - Haispil ski lift. The construction of this lift, which was carried away by an avalanche in 1980, launched the winter sports age in the Lötschental in the 1960s. However, the slopes were not attractive enough and soon the ski lift on the Lauchernalp and the Wiler-Lauchernalp cable car, which were constructed later, superseded the popularity of the original lift. From Haispil, climb the final section towards the Hockenalp.
When you arrive at the Hockenalp, you can also visit the chapel dedicated to Saint Anne. Saint Anne is the patron saint of mothers, widows and female workers and is invoked to bless pregnancies and against fevers, headaches and stomach aches.
It is then only a short distance from the Hockenalp Chapel to the Lauchernalp. From the Lauchernalp, you can either take the cable car to Wiler or alternatively descend through the "Baannwald" Forest.

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