Hiking Trails

Fafleralp - Blatten

An idyllic hike from the Fafleralp to Blatten.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 6.5kmAscent 200mDescent 500m

Lauchernalp - Wiler (Baann)

A thrilling hike through the Baannwald Forest.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 4.4kmAscent 85mDescent 655m

Kippel - Lauchernalp

A hike from Kippel to the Lauchernalp.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 6.2kmAscent 725mDescent 145m

Wiler - Fafleralp

A pleasant hike from Wiler to the Fafleralp.
Track length 9.9kmAscent 785mDescent 410m

Lötschberg Panoramic Trail

A magnificent hike from the Bernese Oberland into the Valais (also suitable as a 2-day tour).
Difficulty MediumTrack length 19kmAscent 1380mDescent 1175m

Gattunalp Circular Hike

Marvel at the Lötschental and experience a quite unique circular walk.
Difficulty MediumTrack length 9.6kmAscent 675mDescent 675m

Wiler - Blatten

A leisurely hike from Wiler to Blatten.
Track length 5.5kmAscent 370mDescent 290m

Lötschental Panoramic Trail

The classic panoramic hike: The Lötschental Panoramic Trail from Fafleralp to Faldumalp
Difficulty HardTrack length 16.8kmAscent 950mDescent 700m

Cultural Trail

The Cultural Trail in the Lötschental takes visitors through one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the Swiss Alps and offers a perfect alternative to the busier Alpine Trail.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 9.1kmAscent 550mDescent 240m

Lauchernalp - Blatten

A romantic hike from the Lauchernalp to Blatten.
Difficulty EasyTrack length 5.6kmAscent 89mDescent 532m