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Obers Färda

The challenging hike to the Ober Färda is like embarking on a journey 100 million years back in time and with luck you will find some petrified fossils from the prehistoric sea.
Gasthaus Kummenalp
Gasthaus KummenalpImage: Lötschental Tourismus
Obers Färda
Obers FärdaImage: Lötschental Tourismus
Unders Färda
Unders FärdaImage: Lötschental Tourismus
Obers Färda
Obers FärdaImage: Lötschental Tourismus
FerdenImage: Lötschental Tourismus
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The trail begins in Ferden and passes through the "Färdawald" Forest up to the Kummenalp. There the ascent to the Unders Färda, a charming floodplain abundant with colourful Alpine flowers, begins. The path then continues along the young Färdabach stream up to a small mountain lake at a height of 2403 m above sea level, which is called "coffee lake" by the locals. Here you can explore the fascinating rock and moraine landscape. Return to Ferden along the same route (approx. 2 hours 05min).

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