Alpine tours

Bietschhornhütte - Bietschjoch

Der erste Teil der Bietschhornbesteigung ist auch für erfahrene trittsichere Alpinwanderer machbar.

Track length 1.3kmAscent 602mDescent 0m

Im Tellin

Scenic hike from Blatten via Weissenried into the Tellin valley.
Track length 4.6kmAscent 515mDescent 45m

Obers Färda

The challenging hike to the Ober Färda is like embarking on a journey 100 million years back in time and with luck you will find some petrified fossils from the prehistoric sea.
Track length 5.9kmAscent 1052mDescent 60m

SAC Hollandia Hut

An Alpine mountain tour to the SAC Hollandia Hut (3,235 m above sea level)
Track length 14.1kmAscent 1820mDescent 145m

Hockenhorn Hike (from Kandersteg)

A demanding mountain tour from Kandersteg to the Hockenhorn via the Lötschenpass. This tour also works as a 2-day tour with an overnight stay at the Lötschenpass Hut.
Track length 18.4kmAscent 2280mDescent 270m

Hockenhorn Hike (from Lauchernalp)

An easy-to-climb peak for experienced mountain climbers with a vista across many of the Valais Alps as far as Mont Blanc.
Track length 8.7kmAscent 1305mDescent 70m


A combined mountain hiking/high-level tour to the Lötschenlücke requiring some experience of mountaineering and glaciers. The services of a mountain guide are recommended. 2-day tour with overnight stay in the Hollandia Hut.
Track length 35.6kmAscent 2150mDescent 1480m
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