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The visitors center of the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch opened its doors in September 2016. In the interactive exhibitions the visitor experiences with all its senses the property and immerse into the thrilling and varying sceneries of the Alps. The vistor is confronted in a spectacular exhibition with thrilling films, interactive experience stations, infographics and artefacts. His exploratory mind is challenged with key questions associated to the use of the natural heritage. The Panorama space is the highlight of the exhibition, with a screen of 100 square meters, where spectacular movies from the World Heritage will excite the visitors. With the guest card visitors profit from a reduction of CHF 3.00. For adults CHF 15.00 instead of CHF 18.00.


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Visit the oldest vine in Switzerland in the "Borri Haus". Due to its old age, the vine in Steg even appears in the register as a “plant of national importance". Only 15 minutes drive by car.


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Raron is definitely worth a visit. The "Rilke" village where the poet Rainer Maria Rilke is buried is approx. 20 minutes by car from the Lötschental. With its two unique churches and the castle museum, Raron has something to offer everyone.

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A trip to the capital of the Canton of Valais is another interesting excursion. A magnificent Old Town with impressive buildings and a number of museums are just waiting for you to discover them.


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Tropenhaus Frutigen

A tropical island in the heart of the Alps

The “Tropenhaus” in the town of Frutigen takes advantage of renewable energy from an unusual source to breed Siberian sturgeon for caviar, as well as grow bananas, papayas and kumquats. This one-of-a-kind centre offers visitors the opportunity to learn and experience – and even taste - how all this is possible in the Alps! The fruits grown on the premises, as well as the centre’s sturgeon meat and caviar, are served up as fresh, authentic dishes in the Tropenhaus’s very own restaurants.




Leukerbad Thermal Pool

The public pool in Leukerbad offers a full daily programme for families and lovers of thermal pools. At every time of year the indoor thermal pool, with its various underwater massage jets, is ideal for visitors to acclimatise themselves. After a short time to familiarise themselves, bathers can then swim out into the open-air pool to indulge themselves in the range of different waterfalls and whirlpools.

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Brigerbad Thermal Spa

Pure bathing enjoyment! Thermal pools, water slides, massage jets, toddler pools and much! Only 30 minutes by car. Tel. +41 (0)27 948 48 48


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Lötschberger - Your excursion experts

The Lötschberger, situated at Goppenstein railway station, can offer spectacular excursions around the Lötschberg region: whether you are interested in sport or leisure, sights or culture, by rail or by boat - you will find everything here. Either on your own, with the family or in a group. Visit www.loetschberger.ch for suggested excursions.