State hiking trail

Find here a list of all open (green) and closed (red) hiking trails  in the Lötschental.

All hiking trails are closed for the winter!!!!


Lötschental Panoramic Trail

The section Lauchernalp - Fafleralp is open.

The section Lauchernalp - Faldumalp is open.

Wiler - Tärra - Weissenried - Blatten

The section Wiler - Tärra - Weissenried - Blatten is open.

Contemplation Trail

The route Blatten - Kühmatt is open.

Kühmatt - Fafleralp

The route Kühmatt - Fafleralp is open.

Kippel - Hockenalp - Lauchernalp

The route Kippel - Hockenalp - Lauchernalp is open.

Cultural Trail

The section Goppenstein - Ferden - Kippel - Wiler - Ried - Blatten - Eisten - Kühmatt - Fafleralp is open.

Lauchernalp - Fischbiel - Weissenried - Blatten

The section Lauchernalp - Blatten is open.

Ferden - Kippel

The route Ferden - Kippel is open.

Lauchernalp - Wiler (Baann)

The route Lauchernalp - Wiler is closed.

Lötschenpass Hut

  • The route from Lauchernalp is open.
  • The route from Kummenalp is open.
  • The route Selden from Gfellalp is open.
  • Lötschenpasshütte is open.


Ferden - Faldumalp

The route Ferden - Faldumalp is open.

Peter Tscherrig Anen Hut Circular Hike

The circular route Fafleralp - Peter Tscherrig Anenhütte - Fafleralp is closed.

Opening  hours Anenhütte:

Theme Trail & Nature Path

The Theme Trail & Nature Path "see and understand" is open.

Extension Faldumalp - Jeizinen

The section Faldumalp - Oberi Meiggu/Underi Meiggu - Jeizinen is open.

Bietschhorn Hut

The routes are open open!

The hut is open.

Gattunalp Circular Hike

The route Kippel - Gattunalp is open.


The mountain route Fafleralp - Chrindellicka is open.

Hockuchriz Circular Hike

The route Lauchernalp - Hockuchriz - Kummenalp - Hockenalp - Lauchernalp is open.


The route Ferden - Restialp is open.

The route Restialp - Restipass - Rinderhütte is open.


The route Ferden - Faldumalp is open.
The mountain route Faldumalp - Niwen is open.

Uisters Tal

The mountain route Fafleralp - Uisters Tal - Blauseeli is open.

Inners Tal

The hiking route to the inner Fafler valley and Fafleralp-Guggialp is closed.