Wine culture (all-the-year)

It is an old tradition that the people from the Lötschental possess vines outside the valley. This tradition can also be seen on our valley flag, on which vines are embroided, allthough vines were never planted in the Lötschental. Thus, an exclusive wine-culture line was produced, whereas each wine has been assigned to a living tradition in the Lötschental:


Goigglär - The Goigglär is the treasure of Valais wines, namely a Cornalin. As valuable as the treasure of the 3 kings, which is protected by the Goigglär (jesters).

Leetschär - The Leetschär Grenadier is a Fendant de Salquenen. It is as firm and tight as the Grenadiers of God are standing tight during mass.

Tschäggättubluäd - The Tschäggättubluäd is a powerful Pinot Noir de Salquenen. It is as strong as the Tschäggätta, which are THE living heritage of the Lötschental.


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