Tschäggättä (02.02. - 09.02.2016)

Because of its isolated location, the Lötschental has become a source for a multitude of stories, legends and myths. Wild figures that raced through the Lötschental‘s history and have left their traces.

It is they who were the origins of the «Tschäggättä» custom that is still celebrated today during the carnival season. The masked carnival figures typical in the Lötschental, the so-called Tschäggättä, appear in the period between the Catholic holiday of Candlemass and Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday). Every evening after work these wild-looking figures streak through the valley and hunt down and frighten anyone who is still out on the streets.


Our tip!

Then experience this living tradition at first-hand on 4. February 2016 at the traditional Tschäggättu-Procession or on 6. February 2016 at the Lötschental Carnival Procession.