The Grenadiers of God are always dressed as follows: with white breeches and scarlet tunics with gold buttons and epaulettes, with white crossed holders for swords and cartridge bags, with a tall plume and a pistol (carabineer or Swiss Army rifle) on their shoulders. The hat varies according to rank and function.
Constables and sergeants wear a cocked hat with flowing plumes. The

Grenadiers at the front of the processions wear bearskin hats, while those at the rear wear old military caps, not dissimilar to the hats of the Fourth Neapolitan Regiment. The uniforms were handed down from generation to generation but very few of them are authentic uniforms today. The tunics can be purchased from uniform tailors - the swords, plumes and epaulettes are generally handed on to the Lötschental Grenadiers from the Swiss Guard in Rome.