Clean Up Day Lötschental

Together for a clean Lötschental

Under the auspices of the Hubertusverein Lötschental, the fourth Clean Up Day took place in the Lötschental on Saturday 25 May 2019. With the help of Lötschental Marketing AG and IG Lauchernalp, the hunters' association succeeded in persuading 35 people from various interest groups to clean up the magic valley. And a lot was moved: Altogether more than 3 tons of material were disposed of.

There are many interest groups that are active in nature and therefore also have an interest in a clean environment. The use of nature, however, is extremely different among the groups and this occasionally leads to conflicts. Hunters and gamekeepers are more interested in fauna, while hikers and foresters are more interested in flora. The ski club and the skiers are interested in the snow and unpaved slopes. While in many tourist areas the owners of second homes argue with the public institutions about taxes, the "second homes" in the Lötschental make an invaluable contribution to the development of the magical valley year after year. In addition to the Clean Up Day, IG Lauchernalp is also actively involved in events and maintains hiking trails. On Clean Up Day, all interest groups were united and worked hard to clean up the valley.

Since there is still a lot of snow in the higher regions, the clean-up work concentrated on 3 areas in the valley. A total of 900 metres of pasture fences, 950 kilos of wood, scrap iron and building materials were disposed of here. All participants in the horrendous mountains of rubbish in the immediate vicinity of the valley road were shocked: no less than 11 150-litre refuse sacks with beverage cans and other waste were collected at around 500 metres!

During the subsequent joint barbecue, all helpers agreed that today's contribution to the preservation of the unique landscape has achieved far more than the student demonstrations in numerous cities. Everyone also agreed that the Clean Up Day should also take place next year.

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