5- and 4 lakes tour

Mountain lakes have a very special attraction and fascination. The crystal-clear sparkling water, the reflections of the surrounding mountains on the surface, the temptation to jump in on a hot summer's day...
There are over 10 lakes in the Lötschental, who would have thought it? In order to introduce 5 of the most beautiful lakes to guests and visitors of the magical valley, the 5 and 4 lake tours were created. They connect the Grundsee, the Guggisee, the Faflersee, the Blauseeli and the Schwarzsee. Since the Blauseeli can only be reached with a mighty ascent, there is an easier alternative: the 4 Lakes Tour, which skippes the magical Blauseeli.

all photos: Chrissie / Lötschental Marketing AG