Review Summer 2019

A fantastic summer with many outstanding events and happenings ends in a festival of colours in colourful autumn including fairytale magic.
The 2019 summer season presented itself with lots of sunshine, new hiking and biking routes, visits by Swiss instagram stars such as the white shepherd Rasta with his 'mom' Sylvia Michel, another successful Magic Run and of course the great Walser Festival, which attracted countless Walser people and visitors.
Missed it? Here are the pictures!

Walserfest 2019

All pictures of the 20th international Walserfest 2019 in the Lötschental can be found here:

Opening Breithorntrail

On June 22, 2019 the first bike trail was opened with the Breithorntrail after long preparations, a lot of work and...

Magic Run 2019

The third Magic Run took place in 2019. With a half marathon, 10km track as well as Nordic Walker and Kids races, t...

5- and 4 lakes tour

Mountain lakes have a very special attraction and fascination. The crystal-clear sparkling water, the reflections o...


When Mother Nature slowly awakens from her hibernation, ice and snow gradually retreat, crocuses fight their way to...


At the Hockenhorn event in September, the Lauchernalp Bergbahnen opened all lifts and cable cars up to the Hockenho...

Clean Up Day Lötschental

Together for a clean Lötschental

Under the auspices of the Hubertusverein Lötschental, the fourth Clean Up Day t...

Rasta White Shepherd & Sylvia Michel

all photos © Sylvia Michel

Instagram: michelphotography_ch