Lötschental Legend Trail

Ten different Lötschental legends on tree trunks will carry you off into a world of myths and legends on the Legen Trail, which runs from the Lauchernalp to the Fafleralp - an easy route that everyone can walk in araound 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Become the King or Queen of the Legends! Walk along our Legend Trail and answer the tricky questions in the Legend Quiz. If you answer all the questions in the quiz correctly, you will receive a small gift at the Fafleralp Kiosk!

Station 1 "The teachings of the World of Legends"

Station 2 "Goori and the golden Animal"

Station 3 "The Lauchernalp Dwarves"

Station 4 "Hansjosab in the Tärra"

Station 5 "The Witch's Hole in the Weritzstein"

Station 6 "The Avalanche Bells"

Station 7 "The Body in the Moosstein Cellar"

Station 8 "The Angel's Mass on the Balmenstein"

Station 9 "The Countess of the Schwarzsee"

Station 10 "The Guggi Cobbler"