The Loichi Ball Path

An experience for the whole family!

From the Lauchernalp mountain station, the Loichi Ball Trail leads to ten original ball tracks made locally through the Baanwald forest down to Wiler to the Gsteinät leisure complex.
- Route: Lauchernalp - Wiler (Gsteinät)
- Length: approx. 5 km
- Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

The wooden balls for the ball tracks are available at the following places for CHF 5.00 each:
- Ticket office valley station cable car, Wiler
- Tourist Information Lötschental, Wiler 
- Leisure centre Gsteinät, Wiler
- Ticket office at the top station of the aerial cableway, Lauchernalp
- Lauchernalp Panorama Restaurant