Family activities

The Lötschental also offers a wide range of unforgettable experiences for families. Here you can expect shared adventures that will not only strengthen the bonds within your family, but also create a wealth of unforgettable moments. From scenic hikes through breathtaking nature to captivating village tours and fun activities, there is something for everyone. Be enchanted by the diversity of the Lötsental and create precious memories for the whole family.

The Loichi Ball Path

An entertaining hiking experience for the whole family. The newly created marble trail runs from Lauchernalp throug...

Theme Trails

Alpine adventure trail Lauchernalp
At 14 distinctive points, young visitors experience a fascinating journey throu...

Monster Scooters

At the Lauchernalp mountain station, you have the exciting opportunity to experience a fast-paced, winding descent ...


Indoor swimming pool, Steg

Enjoy the day in the indoor swimming pool Tel. +41 (0)27 932 10 50 in Steg.
Upon presentation of your guest card, ...

Steg-Hohtenn Adventure Trail

"Hear, see and experience legends and stories from then and now".

Immerse yourself in the world of yesteryear. Lis...

"Gsteinät" Recreation Park

The „Gsteinät“ Recreation Park in Wiler (at the end of the village towards Blatten) is a perfect diversion for...

Children‘s playparks

The "Gsteinät" leisure centre in Wiler invites young adventurers to enjoy hours of fun in a safe environment. Experi...

Barbecue areas in the Lötschental

For your Lötschental break.



An attractive offer with many discounts makes family hearts beat faster.



Bike experience for the whole family.