Steg-Hohtenn Adventure Trail

"Hear, see and experience legends and stories from then and now".

Immerse yourself in the world of yesteryear. Listen to legendary stories in which one or the other "Boozu" also appears. Get exciting insights into the work and life of "anno dazumal" with impressive pictures, films and stories. Become part of the individual sceneries directly on site and experience the old craft with your own hands. There is a lot to discover, to feel and guess, to brew and play, to hear and see, to marvel and shudder and sometimes even to smile.

On the way you will find a picnic area, viewpoints in the nature, benches to rest and enjoy, old parts of the village with barns and stables, fountains with drinking water, a playground, a marble run and much more.

Sales points Wooden balls for the ball track at station "Heltnitschugge":

Municipal office in Steg
Library Steg
Indoor swimming pool Steg
House of generations Steg
Restaurant Mineurs Steg
Bakery Wüst Gampel
Gas station Socar Gampel

CHF 3.00 per wooden ball 


Pure hiking time for the entire adventure trail around 1 hour and 30 minutes. 3.5 kilometres 

The order of the visited stations does not matter.

It is also possible to visit only individual stations. Depending on time, stamina and desire.

Good to know:

You will need your smartphone on the way; QRCodes for the image, video and audio files are attached to the individual stations. Scan these using the camera function and open the corresponding website.

The stations "Oberdorf" up to and including "Unterdorf Brunnen" are pram-friendly. The stations "Grundweg Liwwi" to "Heltnitschugge" lead up the mountain to Hohtenn and back down to Steg. These are also suitable for small children, but a sling is recommended for babies.