Jägiknubel Climbing Route

A uniquely beautiful and challenging climbing route to the Jägiknubel, promising a fantastic panoramic view from the summit. The route, involving 15 pitches, represents a full-day trek. Try it out for yourself!

The south-west ridge of the "Jägiknubel" was climbed for the first time in 1927 before becoming forgotten and rarely climbed. In the summer of 2012, the route was revived as a 3rd and 4th grade climb. This unique route makes use of 15 pitches and 80 bolts. The ascent from the Peter Tscherrig Anenhütte takes approximately one hour.

From the Anenhütte, follow the moraine to an altitude of 2,760 metres above sea level and then head west into the uppermost couloir of the south-west ridge. The first two pitches run on the plates to the right of the couloir and end at the ridge, from where you reach the first and only tower using the 3rd to 5th pitches. Climb the tower on its left side using the 6th pitch then following a flatter section of ridge as far as the 11th pitch, from where the ridge becomes steeper to the summit of the Jägiknubel. As you near the summit, the number of bolts decreases and you should take equipment to secure yourself to be on the safe side!

The south-east ridge, with the same grade as the ascent, is ideal for the descent. There are three abseiling points in the lower section. Return from the foot of the wall across the moraine to the Peter Tscherrig Anenhütte and then select one of the many hiking trails to return to the Fafleralp.


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