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Fragrant hay meadows, refreshing mountain air, cool evenings - welcome to the Lötschental mountain summer!

Relax under shady fir trees, breathe in the incomparably good mountain air, enjoy the sun's rays and recharge…

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Lötschentaler Höhenweg Lötschentaler Höhenweg

Lötschentaler Höhenweg


With its unique mountain and valley views and the loveliest upper valley in the whole of the Alps…
On the way to the Hockenalp On the way to the Hockenalp

On the way to the Hockenalp


Mountain bikers' hearts also beat faster in the Lötschental, with a multitude of exciting biking…


An exciting and funny experience for everyone: From the mountain station of the cable-car Wiler-Lauchernalp…

Climbing & Mountain guides

Irrespective of whether you are interested in hiking, tours of the glacier or mountaineering - the Lötschental…
Anenhütte Anenhütte


Amateur geology

Amateur geology (also known as rockhounding in the United States) is the hobby of collecting rocks…

Family activities

Switch off your smartphone or tablet and enjoy your time together in your cosy apartment or hotel: pure family holidays in a magical valley.

As diverse as our nature and culture is, as diverse are our family offers. In any weather and at any time of year…

Group Offers

Are you a club, a company or a group of friends? Would you like to…
Audiotour, Blatten Audiotour, Blatten

Audiotour, Blatten

Weekly program summer

There is much to discover in the magic valley. Find below an overview of all offers as well as the weekly program…
Music Month March, Lauchernalp Rest. Zudili Music Month March, Lauchernalp Rest. Zudili

Music Month March, Lauchernalp Rest. Zudili

Silence Hotel Edelweiss, Blatten Silence Hotel Edelweiss, Blatten

Silence Hotel Edelweiss, Blatten

Tips for bad weather and excursions

In the Lötschental the sun shines 300 days a year. If you happen to have caught one of the remaining days, this is not tragic. Because even for days when the sun does not shine from the Valais sky



The Lauchernalp cable cars take you to the ski slopes and hiking trails in the Lötschental.

Swiss Enduro Series

In close cooperation with the Enduro World Series and Swiss Cycling, the SES was created. The Swiss Enduro sport is thus raised to the next level and is therefore ideally suited to the Lötschental


Lötschental Autumn Market

Lötschental Autumn Market cancelled due to Covid-19


UNESCO World Heritage

Impressive mountain ranges, rustic valleys and the largest contiguously glaciated area in the Alps - it was clear to UNESCO that this is a world heritage site of universal value. The Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch are one of the most spectacular high mountain landscapes. They are in symbiosis with the surrounding cultural landscape and extend across all vegetation levels from the Mediterranean-looking steppe to the barren high mountains.