seating bench - your sponsoring

With your one-time sponsoring contribution of CHF 650, you make it possible to purchase a bench made of solid larch wood, which will be set up according to your wishes in the Lötschental hiking network.

You can be sure you can trust this bank: A bench in the Lötschental is crisis-proof and can withstand any economic fluctuations. The profit distribution in the form of recreation is immense for the sponsor as well as for his fellow human beings. In addition, every sponsor gets the good feeling of being socially involved in the Lötschental. Each bank has a life span of approx. 10 years. As a thank-you, each sponsor will affix a plaque with name and, if desired, company logo on a bank.

Interested? Simply send us an e-mail with the necessary information. We will then get in touch with you.

We would like to thank all "bank sponsors" in advance for their donation!