Crisis staff / management staff

Lötschental Regional Joint Staff

As soon as the Regional Joint Staff is called up by the authorities, information will be made available to the public on this page. This is intended for extraordinary events such as floods, debris flows, forest fires or the like.
As long as the Regional Joint Staff is not in operation, the authorities, the Regional Security Service or Lötschental Marketing AG will inform independently.

Please note the official information on this homepage or as described by the Regional Security Service.


Mission and structure

The regional executive's mission:

The intercommunal management staff is a body subordinate to the municipal authorities. It is a management body that assists the mayors and the municipal authorities in the management, coordination and implementation of measures in the event of disasters and extraordinary situations.


In the case of an event, you can obtain information via the following channels:
- Gemeinde News App for further information see here.
- This homepage
- Notice boards on the respective communities
- On the municipal offices
- Radio Rottu or Radio SRF 1
These channels are selected and connected according to the scope and effects of the event.


Federal Office for Civil Protection, FOCP

Cantonal Office for Civil Protection, KABS (only in german avalaibe)