Where tradition is still lived.Where tradition is still lived.

Where tradition is still lived.

Tradition & Customs Lötschental

Cultural treasures: The rich traditions of the Lötschental

Passed down from generation to generation, these customs reflect the deep-rooted attachment of the inhabitants to their homeland. Experience the living history of the Lötschental through its diverse traditions, which not only preserve the past but also strengthen the identity and cohesion of the communities.

Tschäggättä Lötschental

The Tschäggättä - a fascinating heritage
The magical valley is home to a unique tradition that has been handed down for generations: the Tschäggättä, a symbol of solidarity with their homeland and pride in their history and culture.

Lord Grenadiers Lötschental

The Lord's Grenadiers - proud guardians of old traditions
Experience the fascinating tradition of the Lötschental Herrgottsgrenadiere, who have been celebrating important church feast days for generations with their proud traditional costumes and solemn costumes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this unique tradition and be inspired by the dedication and warmth of our community.

Chinigrosslini Lötschental

The Chinigrosslini- a magical spectacle
Experience the fascinating tradition of the Chinigrosslini in the Lötschental. Let yourself be seduced by the witty words of the Goigglär as the Chinigrossli dance through the alleyways and the bells ring. A magical experience for the whole family that you shouldn't miss.

Easter donation Ferden

A celebration of community and generosity
The fascinating tradition of the Ferden Easter Offering, a unique custom that has shaped the Lötschental community for centuries. This special celebration on Easter Monday recalls an ancient custom that once protected the valley from disaster and today acts as a symbol of generosity and community. Easter Monday, 21 April 2025

Music Lötschental

Where mountains merge with the sounds of alphorns and yodel songs
Discover the fascinating world of traditional music and culture in the Lötschental. Experience the wonderful sounds of brass instruments and rhythmic folk dances and let yourself be carried away by the joie de vivre of the locals.

Lötschental cultural associations and foundations

Commitment to tradition and community
The Kippel Cultural Association, the Blatten Cultural Association and the Blatten Foundation are passionately committed to the protection and preservation of cultural heritage. From the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage to the promotion of local creative artists - they all contribute to preserving and strengthening the rich diversity and identity of Blatten.

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Regional products Lötschental

Discover the culinary treasures of our restaurants
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Lötschental Museum Kippel

Historical insights
The Lötschental Museum reveals the history and culture of the Lötschental. Immerse yourself and discover the fascinating traditions, customs and stories that characterize this unique valley.

Carving masks Lötschental

On the trail of the Tschäggättä
The remoteness of the Lötschental has been the source of a multitude of stories, legends and myths. Wild creatures hunted through the history of the Lötschental and left their traces behind. They are regarded as the origin of the Tschäggättä tradition, which is still celebrated today with great attention to detail.