Saw-mill-whale Blatten

A look at the history of the craft

The Säge-Mühle-Walche is a fascinating example of the traditional craftsmanship and industrial production of past centuries.

If you are interested in history, you should definitely visit the Säge-Mühle-Walche and the village oven in Blatten. The history of the Säge-Mühle-Walche dates back to 1756. Until the 1950s, Blatten and the neighbouring hamlets were self-sufficient in production.

However, with the construction of the road, the younger generation began to work outside the valley, allowing access to goods from outside. Despite this, the facilities remained well preserved until around 1990 as the older generation maintained their lifestyle. The saw was used until 1979 and the mill sporadically until the mid-1880s.

The last major expansion of the sawmill and roller mill took place in 1933/34, when a cloth roller mill was installed alongside a modern mill. The water wheel was removed and replaced by a turbine, and later an electric drive was added. This plant is fully functional. Apart from the mill for grinding rye for the village oven, its use is unfortunately limited to regular guided tours.


Lötschental Card

Discover the rich history of the village of Blatten and the Säge-Mühle-Walche on a free guided tour offered every Monday. This one-hour tour starts at 5.00 pm at the reception of the Hotel Edelweiss in Blatten. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the historic Säge-Mühle-Walche. Groups can also book a guided tour at other times. With the "Lötschental Card" you can take part in the village tour in Blatten free of charge.

Information and registration at:

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