Oldest vine in Switzerland

On an excursion to Steg, you will come across the oldest vine in Switzerland

In addition to the warm weather, the Mediterranean climate in the Rhone Valley also has advantages for agriculture, which our ancestors already took advantage of. Steg is home to the oldest vine in Switzerland - a piece of Swiss cultural heritage.

The oldest vine in Switzerland is undoubtedly a highly remarkable cultural asset. According to multiple scientific studies by Prof. Dr. Fritz Schweingruber, the vine adjacent to the old "Borrihaus" in Oberdorf in Steg was planted at least in 1750 and is therefore a maximum of 270 years old. It is therefore highly likely that this impressive sight is also the oldest vine in the entire Alpine region.

The "oldest vine in Switzerland" foundation, which was established in 2019, aims to do justice to this important cultural treasure and thereby strengthen the communal identity of Steg-Hohtenn on both a historical and cultural level. The founder is the Steg-Hohtenn burghers. It has now grown shoots from the oldest vine into seedlings that will press wine from the oldest vine's genetic material on a sunny vineyard in Hohtenn. The "Domaines Chevaliers" winery in Salgesch is responsible for the vinification. This will be a very special wine with a very special history.

Wiissus Humannji is known as a wine for women who have recently given birth. After giving birth, it was given to mothers weakened by childbirth in more or less large quantities to strengthen them, in the mistaken belief that it had a high iron content. This in turn disproves a widespread and persistent rumor, especially in the Bern region, that the Valaisans were given Fendant in their mother's milk. This rumor is vehemently contradicted, as the wine that was given to the new mothers was almost exclusively Wiissus Humannji...

Well, it is a most gratifying circumstance that the grape variety of the oldest vine in Switzerland, which is now allowed to live on thanks to the commitment of the Steg-Hohtenn Burgerschaft and the "Domaines Chevaliers" winery, can continue to tell its ancient story.

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