Music Lötschental

Where mountains merge with the sounds of alphorns and yodel songs

Discover the fascinating world of traditional music and culture in the Lötschental. Experience the wonderful sounds of brass instruments and rhythmic folk dances and let yourself be carried away by the joie de vivre of the locals.

In a world that is constantly changing, the Lötschental retains its unique cultural identity and is proud to preserve and pass on its traditions. From traditional folk songs to powerful yodelling and the melodious playing of brass and alphorn players, the Lötschental is a true paradise for music lovers and heritage enthusiasts. Visitors are welcome to take part in the many events and festivals to experience the authentic Lötschental cultural experience at first hand and be enchanted by the valley's vibrant music and dance scene. A rich musical tradition lives on here, which has been cultivated by the inhabitants of the valley for generations.

MG Minerva Ferden

MG Alpenrose Kippel

MG Alpina Wiler

MG Fafleralp Blatten

Brass Band Lötschental

Schgedulliun, Ferden

Brätschbirrä, Wiler

FlexBrass, Blatten

Church choir Ferden

Church choir Kippel

Church choir Wiler

Church choir Blatten

Yodeling club Echo vam Bietschhorn

Yodeling duet Alpupfingär

Yodeling duet siblings Johanna and Angelika Rieder

Yodeling duet Regula Rieder and Lilian Ritler

Alphorn group M-Trio

Traditional dance group Ferden