Chinigrosslini Lötschental

The Chinigrosslini- a magical spectacle

Experience the fascinating tradition of the Chinigrosslini in the Lötschental. Let yourself be seduced by the witty words of the Goigglär as the Chinigrossli dance through the alleyways and the bells ring. A magical experience for the whole family that you shouldn't miss.

The Chinigrosslini perform in the Lötschental on the Saturday before Epiphany. The king and his two servants (Goigglär/Gaukler) set off after dark. The Chinigrossli jumps and prances through the alleyways, ringing the bells of his costume. The Goigglär draw the audience's attention to the beautiful king with witty and seductive words. The group pays a visit to the families of the village dignitaries, while the youth choir (Stärnsingär) sings the Old and New Year's songs in front of the windows. The group is generously entertained everywhere. The procession ends around midnight.

The Chinigrosslinun is one of the oldest traditions in Valais and continues to enjoy great popularity in the Lötschental. However, the custom is no longer held regularly in the Lötschental either, depending on whether young people are willing to take part. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of this unique custom and experience an unforgettable evening.

When you can experience the Chinigrossli:

04 January 2025
The exact programme has not yet been finalised. 
We will inform you as soon as we have more information.