Steg-Hohtenn, 650 m above sea level

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Steg-Hohtenn consists, as the name implies, of the two villages Steg and Hohtenn, which merged in 2009 to a single community. The municipality has 1,500 inhabitants and is located in the Rhone valley on the left side of the river Lonza right at the entrance to the Lötschental. In the second half of the 20th century Steg-Hotenn has developed from a farming village into an attractive commercial and industrial community, which offers nowadays nearly 900 jobs. Various industrial, commercial and service companies are located here, including the Alcan Alusuisse AG, which provides 180 jobs in its foundry. Even residents of the Lötschental are working in Steg. Ever since Steg-Hohtenn is closely linked with the Lötschental. So many residents of Steg possess for example “alp rights” (right to use mountain pastures) to use the alps of Fafler and Gugginen in the Lötschental.

Touristically Steg offers an indoor swimming pool with tennis courts as well as a sports center. Hohtenn, on the other hand, is the starting point for many hiking tours along the Lötschbergsüdrampe. In Steg, the oldest vine plant of Switzerland (planted 1744) can be admired.





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