Ferden, 1,375 m above sea level

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Ferden is the first village in the Lötschental and is therefore the gateway to the most unspoilt Alpine valley. Its Goppenstein railway station is known across the world as the southern entrance to the Lötschberg Tunnel and even before construction of the Lötschberg Tunnel, Ferden was the gateway to the Northern Valais region.
After Blatten it is the largest village in the Lötschental in terms of area. Its meadows and fields, especially those close to the village itself, are some of the most fertile in the entire valley and have given the village its name (possibly from the Romanche ‘verdent’ meaning ‘verdant’ or ‘green’). It is particularly worth visiting Ferden's old village centre, where some buildings date back to the 14th and 15th centuries and provide evidence of the architecture and construction methods of this era. Ferden is the first village in the Lötschental.




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