Drive permissions alp roads

The drive permissions for the Lötschen alps are available as follows: Wiler - Lauchernalp and Weritzalp: Municipal Administration Wiler Phone: +41 27 939 12 70 ...

Post Bus Lötschental

Please find here the timetable of the post bus Lötschental (9th December 2012 -14th December 2013) 12.591: Gampel/Steg - Hohtenn - Goppenstein - Blatten - Fafleralp

Timetable cable car Wiler-Lauchernalp

Please find here the timetable of the cable car Wiler-Lauchernalp. Timetable

Taxi Service Lauchernalp / Fischbiel

Please find here detailed information on the taxi service at the Lauchernalp (only winter).