Public Transport

So far and yet so near. The Lötschental is much closer than many people believe and visitors can reach it easily and conveniently by public transport. This section provides information that will help you to plan your journey to the Lötschental by public transport.

The Lötschberger departs from Berne and Brig directly to Goppenstein, where passengers swap over to the Post Bus.Trains depart to and from Berne in the morning and evening and throughout the day on Sundays.

The journey time from Berne is approx. 1 ½ hours and from Zurich and Basle approx. 3 hours.
Visit for train times and interesting excursions.
Plan your own individual journey – including journeys within the Lötschental - using the SBB CFF FFS Rail/Bus Timetable.