How to reach us

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By road & car hire

Lötschental – it’s closer than you think. This section includes information that will help you to plan your journey by road to the Lötschental.

Travelling from the North (D) (...

Public Transport

So far and yet so near. The Lötschental is much closer than many people believe and visitors can reach it easily and conveniently by public transport. This section provides informa...

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By air

This section provides information to help you plan your journey by air.

International airports in Berne, Zurich, Geneva, Basle and Malpensa (Milan).
There are airport taxis and...

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There is parking available in the covered car parks in Ferden, Kippel and Wiler and in the outdoor public car parks in each village. Further information is available from the Lötsc...

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Access plan

The Lötschental can be either reached by train and bus (Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon) via Goppenstein or easily by car. The car transport Lötschberg operates every 30 minutes between...