A piece of home: Lötschental souvenirs. A piece of home: Lötschental souvenirs.

A piece of home: Lötschental souvenirs.

Webshop Lötschental

Lötschental treasure trove

Welcome to our webshop - your virtual shop window for the treasures of the Lötschental. Our webshop invites you to experience the magic of the Lötschental in the form of traditional handicrafts and characteristic souvenirs. From handmade Tschäggättä to textiles or delicious delicacies from the region - here you will find the perfect souvenir to capture and share your memories of the Lötschental.

Clothing & Accessories

Discover our diverse selection of clothing and accessories now.

Gift ideas

Let yourself be inspired and find the ideal gift for every occasion!

Cross-country ski passes Lötschental

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cross-country skier, the various cross-country ski passes offer something for everyone.

Map material Lötschental

Whether you are planning a hike or a freeride tour, our maps provide detailed information for unforgettable adventures.

Tschäggättu souvenirs

These unique mementos capture the cultural diversity and mystical atmosphere of the magical valley. 


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