Team Lötschental

Meet the team: the people behind our mission

Meet our dedicated staff who work behind the scenes to ensure your needs are met and you enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Bewirtschaftungs AG Lauchernalp

Perfect support for your real estate

Put your trust in BEWI AG - your experts for the perfect management of your properties in the municipality of Wiler.

Lötschental informs

Stay well informed with the "Lötschental informiert" magazine

Discover the many opportunities to present your company in the Lötschental - with customized advertisements in our high-quality magazine. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get your message across and position your company successfully.

Destination strategy Lötschental

Strategic vision for sustainable tourism

With a solid starting position for future developments, the destination Lötschental emphasizes the importance of a clear focus, joint cooperation and the involvement of all stakeholders for a long-term sustainable future.

Annual reports

Insight into our performance

Get a detailed insight into the performance of our companies, Lötschental Marketing AG and Lauchernalp Bergbahnen, through the publication of our annual reports on our website.

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Join our community

Lötschental Tourism is a committed association that works to promote tourism in the picturesque Lötschental. Join our network and actively support the tourism industry in our region by becoming a member of Lötschental Tourism.

Instructions for owners

Help for the registration of your guests

Optimize your guest service: Send the Lötschental Card directly to your guests with our Feratel system.

Guest folder Lötschental

The ideal source of information for your guests

Enrich your guests' vacation experience: download our guest folders and enable them to fully enjoy their vacation in the enchanting valley and not miss out on any of the many opportunities.

Guest honors

Your loyalty will be rewarded

You have been our valued guests for a long time, and for this reason we would like to express our sincere appreciation.

Media dossier Lötschental

Charming villages and living traditions

Discover the untouched beauty and diversity of this magical valley.

Pictures Lötschental

A photographic adventure

Download the pictures to discover and share the beauty and diversity of the Lötschental.

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