Tschäggättä / Fasnacht

Carnival program in Lötschental

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Mask carving for individuals

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During carnival week, "Tschäggätta" (frightful figures, clad in furs and wearing grotesque masks) liven up village life in the Lötschental. This pagan custom is practised from 3 February onwards in the Lötschental.

Dates 2021

Carnival in Lötschental from 03.02.2021 to 16.02.2021

Tschäggättä-Procession from Blatten to Ferden / 8pm 11. February
Carnival Procession in Wiler / 3pm 13.February

Tschäggättu-Procession / Carnival Procession

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Mask Carving

Follow the footsteps of the Tschäggättä and create your own Lötschental mask! Mask carving with professional instru...


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The Tschäggättä wear old clothes in-side-out, with the fur facing outwards; they also carry two sheep or goatskins ...

Adventure World

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Fasnacht Blatten Fasnacht Blatten

Fasnacht Blatten