Chinigrossli 2022: unfortunately does not take place

Through the bright clear night can be heard from afar the pealing of bells and coarse voices: "Oh la la la, tournez Cleopatra..." A young boy wearing a long white cloak and a crown comes running up to you followed by a huge throng of people. Two dark figures follow him, with blackened faces and wearing wide robes “Z`Chinig Ross” and his two “Goigglär” are out and about again.

The Chinigrosslini appear on the saturday before theTwelfth Day. The king, his servants, and  the Goigglär (jesters)  begin their procession at dusk. The king’s horse begins to jump and dance through the alleys making the bells on its outfit jingle. The jesters then introduce the beautiful king to the public with their humorous and seducing words. The group then visits the families of the village’s dignitaries, while the choir sings New Year’s songs in front of the windows. The group is invited to feast everywhere they go. The procession ends at midnight.

The so-called Chinigrosslinun is the last Epiphany procession in the entire Valais. But even in the Lötschental the tradition is no longer regularly upheld, depending on whether or not the young are willing to actively participate.