Blatten Mill Complex / Village Oven

Interested in history? Then pay a visit to the Blatten mill complex (incorporating a sawmill, a gristmill and a weaving mill) and the village oven, the history of which dates back to 1756. Until the road was built in the fifties, most things were produced in the villages and hamlets.
After the construction of the road, the younger generation began to earn its crust outside of the valley and, accordingly, was able to buy goods outside of the valley, something that up to then had not been possible. The excellent condition of these facilities in 1990 is due to the fact that the older generation did not fundamentally change its lifestyle and used the sawmill up to 1979 and the gristmill sporadically up to the mid 1880s.

The end of bread making in the village oven was sealed with the construction of the road. This building was probably built in this form in 1820 and was renovated in 1991. Since then baking has been upheld by local residents 4 days a years or can be organised by arrangement for groups.

Baking Date can be found here

The last major extension to the mill complex took place in 1933/34, when a cloth mill was installed in addition to the gristmill. The waterwheel was removed and replaced by a turbine - with an electric drive being fitted later. This plant is fully operational but, apart from the mill to mill the rye for the village oven, its use is regrettably today limited to regular guided tours.


Learn about the history of the village of Blatten and the mill complex. A free guided tour takes place every Monday through the wonderful village of Blatten with a visit to the mill complex. Duration approx. 1 hour. Tour can be arranged for groups at other times on request.
Meeting point: 5.00pm at the Hotel Edelweiss reception, Blatten, Tel. +41 (0)27 939 13 63