Arnold Niederer-House

Arnold Niederer (1914–1998) came to the Lötschental for the first time in 1930 and was immediately fascinated by the people and the landscape of the area. In 1953, he was able to purchase the Vogelhuis (Bird’s House), which served as his second home during his studies of folklore and after. In this place, he worked on various parts of his research and a number of publications about collective work, alpine economy and social change in the alpine region were developed there. Many of his guests have also helped to explore the Valais and to turn the Lötschental into the best documented and most well-know valley of the alpine region, from the USA to Japan. The married couple Arnold and Loni Niederer-Nelken were awarded honorary citizenship of the community of Ferden in 1991, in appreciation of their work and earnings at the Lötschental museum. After the death of Arnold Niederer, his wife bestowed the house to the Arnold-Niederer foundation. Ever since then, it has been available to a wide circle of cultural researchers and developers, providing them with a rich library.