Lötschenpass Hut

The Lötschen Pass hut lies at 2,690 m above sea level between the Gastern and Lötschen valleys. The first Minergie hut in the Alps heats the coffee water with the sun and produces the light current with wind. The spacious multi-bed rooms with controlled ventilation are perfect for a good night's sleep.

The kitchen offers simple and wholesome food made from fresh local produce. The popular cakes baked fresh every day are a special treat at this altitude. Especially in winter, a short detour from the slopes to the quiet mountain world is very worthwhile.

The Lötschen Pass also invites you to go hiking in summer and all starting points are easily accessible by public transport.

Welcome to the Lötschen Pass.

Contact: Tel. +41 27 939 19 81; Fax. +41 27 939 19 81;
www.loetschenpass.ch; info@loetschenpass.ch