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Prices Winter 2023/24

Ski passes

Dynamic prices for ski passes from 4 hours to 15 day online and at the ticket office.

The ski passes for the winter season 2023/24 are available online in our webshop and at the ticket office by now.
Booking early is worthwhile in any case.
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Check our FAQ for your questions about the dynamic pricing system.

Groups and schoolchildren-Groups special prices for more informations please call +41 27 938 89 99.

Season tickets 2023/24

Lauchernalp is now part of the Magic Pass.
Order your Magic Pass for 69 winter and 31 summer resorts at www.magicpass.ch today, the price will increase continuously during the summer. 
There are no more season passes for Lauchernalp!

Tickets Wiler-Lauchernalp

  one-way return
Adult 20.00 30.00
Children aged 6-15.99 y. and adults with GA, 1/2-Ticket, STC, Dogs 10.00 15.00
Adult with Lötschental Card 14.00 21.00
Children aged 6-15.99 y. with Lötschental Card, 7.00 11.00
Adults with GA, 1/2-Ticket, STC and Lötschental Card 8.00 12.00
Groups of adults 16.00 24.00
Groups of children aged 6-15.99 y.; adults with GA, 1/2-Ticket, STC 8.00 12.00



Adults with GA,
1/2-Ticket, STC, Dogs

5 multi course ticket 90.00 45.00
10 multi course ticket 160.00 80.00
Daypass only cable car 36.00 18.00
Weekpass only cable car 120.00 60.00
Season pass only cable car          400.00 200.00

 Junior-Card an Grandchild-Card at the cable-car Wiler-Lauchernalp free.

Tickets Wiler-Hockenhorngrat

  one-way return
Wiler-Hockenhorngrat (Adult) 42.00 58.00
Wiler-Hockenhorngrat (Child aged 6-15.99y) 21.00 29.00
Wiler-Hockenhorngrat (Adult with GA, 1/2-Ticket, STC) 32.00 43.00
Wiler-Hockenhorngrat (Adult with Lötschental Card) 36.00 49.00
Wiler-Hockenhorngrat (Adult with Lötschental Card and GA, 1/2-Ticket, STC) 30.00 40.00
Wiler-Hockenhorngrat (Child with Lötschental Card) 18.00 25.00
Lauchernalp-Hockenhorngrat (Adult) 22.00 28.00
Lauchernalp-Hockenhorngrat (Child aged 5-15.99y) 11.00 14.00


The Lauchernalp Bergbahnen does not grant any refunds on purchased ski passes in the event of interruption of operations, accident or illness. You have the option of purchasing a corresponding ski pass insurance policy. With such insurance, you can claim a refund from the insurer in the event of an incident.