Tips and tricks for skiing and snowboarding

These simple tips will make your ski day a success

We have put together some tips for a successful day on skis and snowboard.

To make skiing and snowboarding fun, there are a few important tips to bear in mind. 

Buy your ski ticket conveniently online. This not only saves you having to queue at the ticket office, but also guarantees you the best price.

Good equipment is half the battle. Especially in hard snow conditions, the edges of your skis or snowboard are important so that you have a good grip in turns. It's worth servicing your equipment regularly - it's simply more fun.

The best conditions on the slopes are usually early in the morning, when the pistes are still freshly groomed. Not only will you find flat slopes, but also plenty of space because you will be one of the first people in the ski area. If you want to make the most of the snow, it's best to take the first run.

Although it is cold in winter and the sun is weak, you absolutely need sunscreen in the mountains to protect your skin from UV radiation. Don't forget your lips, a pomade can help here. 

When there is a lot of traffic on the slopes, dicey situations can occur from time to time. To prevent this from happening, please follow the 10 FIS rules of conduct.

After a great morning on the slopes, you deserve an aperitif before lunch. Don't overdo it with the consumption of alcohol if you continue skiing in the afternoon. Wait until you have finished skiing. After all, après-ski is not called après-ski for nothing.

Respecting wildlife quiet zones is crucial to maintaining the fragile balance and natural dynamics of the environment. These zones serve as retreats for wild animals. By respecting and avoiding these areas, we allow animals to rest undisturbed and protect their habitats from disturbance and destruction. 

Find out more about the wildlife protection zones in the Lötschental. 

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Information about the app.