Cross-country skiing tips and tricks

Cross-country skiing works with these simple tips

We have put together the most important tips and tricks for a perfect cross-country skiing experience.

To make cross-country skiing fun, there are a few important tips to bear in mind.

Well-prepared cross-country skis are half the battle. Well-maintained equipment is a great advantage, especially for cross-country skiing, because gliding on the snow is much easier with prepared skis. You will save a lot of energy if you also have skis and poles adapted to your body size. Let us advise you.

Anyone who has ever stood on narrow cross-country skis knows it. Cross-country skiing requires balance, coordination and stamina. It therefore takes a lot of practice to learn the strength-saving technique. For beginners, a technique lesson is therefore money well spent. A good technical foundation not only conserves your strength, it's simply more fun.

Cross-country skiing quickly becomes strenuous and you work up a sweat. At the same time, the wind quickly cools you down during a descent. We therefore recommend multi-layered clothing so that you can adjust it during the ascent or descent.

The Lötschental has some steep ascents and descents to offer. Start your cross-country skiing adventure on the village trail and feel your way to the more challenging trails. Our tip: It's easier down the valley. If you no longer want to go up on cross-country skis: Take the bus (free with the Lötschental Card) back to the starting point.