Biking tips and tricks

Useful tips for biking

We have compiled the most important rules for a successful day on the bike for you. 

In the Lötschental, there is room for tourism, nature and agriculture together. It is important to us that there is room for all of them in the future.

Trail tolerance

There are both bikers and hikers on the hiking trails. Therefore, ride with foresight, show consideration for hikers and give them the right of way.

Animals and pastures

Close pasture fences and push your bike close to animals. The farmers and animals will be grateful.

Flora and fauna

The Lötschental has a wide variety of flora and fauna that you will want to admire for a long time to come. So don't leave the trails and take care of nature. Ride gently, your bike tires will thank you for it.

Choose the right equipment: Good equipment is essential for mountain biking. Make sure you have a well-maintained mountain bike that is suitable for your needs. It is advisable to take repair and replacement materials with you so that you can repair minor breakdowns on the spot. Also wear a helmet, gloves and suitable clothing.

Before you set off, you should plan your route carefully. Check the weather conditions and make sure you have enough water and food.

When mountain biking, you should always ride defensively. Be attentive, watch out for obstacles and assess your riding style carefully. Riding on the bike trails is at your own risk and any liability is excluded.